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Top 10 Best FPS Games For Android/iOS 2019! (5-OFFLINE, 5-ONLINE) best www.j1hotel.com

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Information Top 10 Best FPS Games For Android/iOS 2019! (5-OFFLINE, 5-ONLINE)

Title :  Top 10 Best FPS Games For Android/iOS 2019! (5-OFFLINE, 5-ONLINE)
Lasting :   7.12
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Views :   267
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Frames Top 10 Best FPS Games For Android/iOS 2019! (5-OFFLINE, 5-ONLINE)

World of Warships [SOI] Many GEOs

Description Top 10 Best FPS Games For Android/iOS 2019! (5-OFFLINE, 5-ONLINE)

Comments Top 10 Best FPS Games For Android/iOS 2019! (5-OFFLINE, 5-ONLINE)

mr x
What about iOS ?
Comment from : mr x

꧁A̶r̶j̶o̶l̶ ̶g̶a̶m̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶꧂
I did not like any game can i get my 4 min refund
Comment from : ꧁A̶r̶j̶o̶l̶ ̶g̶a̶m̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶꧂

Omega Invader
The most realistic racing game is grid autosport
Comment from : Omega Invader

Amit Kumar Padhan
Leo fortune
Comment from : Amit Kumar Padhan

Caleb Tyler Moodley
What phone are u using
Comment from : Caleb Tyler Moodley

D Hirsch7737
more... I play darkness rises I want a different game to play.
Comment from : D Hirsch7737

D Hirsch7737
DO you have to use google chrome to download these games because they are not in the google play store.
Comment from : D Hirsch7737

Adamas Sastradnya
What phone is this?
Comment from : Adamas Sastradnya

Hayalet Dark
U knkw the video of real racing 3 was not real racing 3 righ
Comment from : Hayalet Dark

hei hu
These games are not slightly releastic exept the racing one.

Comment from : hei hu

Christan Anderson Isaiah Saleh Kahn
Pubg mobile graphics realistic
Comment from : Christan Anderson Isaiah Saleh Kahn

Electric Zap9
Even if you clickbaited us, your still one of my favourite youtubers for technology
Comment from : Electric Zap9

Also, it kind of sucks that some of the games on the list isnt on appstore anymore :(
Comment from : MrBroxMan

isnt there a lords of the fallen for PC? the one that feels like dark souls on easy mode?
Comment from : MrBroxMan

Siyabonga Sithole
Mac Miller's song in the background. REST EASY
Comment from : Siyabonga Sithole

Tornado Gamer
woow Ur English So Cool
Comment from : Tornado Gamer

King Ghidora Kaiju
Afterpulse is a pay to win game dont play it unless if ur rich
Comment from : King Ghidora Kaiju

Sword Slayer channel
Nice games
Comment from : Sword Slayer channel

Conner Moore
Comment from : Conner Moore

Papabless Papabless
Is after pulse nd God fire 🔥 requires online to play after downloading? 🤷🏿‍♀️
Comment from : Papabless Papabless

Asyraf Hanis
Comment from : Asyraf Hanis

Mariaslife decena
wear you find the song the sad song at the end
Comment from : Mariaslife decena

GameTyger Gaming
i pooped in my pants when i saw afterpulse
Comment from : GameTyger Gaming

PUBG mobile????
Comment from : torchlight

ahnak Shahrear
godfire and godfire rise of prometheus are they both same game?

 Rise of Prometheus

Comment from : ahnak Shahrear

ʟᴜᴄᴀs ᎷᏞ
This is worth watching a high quality edited video
Comment from : ʟᴜᴄᴀs ᎷᏞ

freedom mail
Standoff2 is the best shooter game on android man
Comment from : freedom mail

Sunita Thakur
Comment from : Sunita Thakur

What phone is he using?
Comment from : Joe

Kase ho
Comment from : MAXTERN GAMING

rizal carl
Car X drift racing recommended👍👍👍
Comment from : rizal carl

Cat Doy
good graphics with boring gameplay.

Comment from : Cat Doy

Corral Dynasty
nice bro
Comment from : Corral Dynasty

Jairo Gutierrez
How can you forget about freaking Ark survival evolved
Comment from : Jairo Gutierrez

ABuDalaBashu NebA
afterpulse doesnt even show on playstore for me
Comment from : ABuDalaBashu NebA

Sharon Lanmark
Is that pc or smartphone 😂😂😂
Comment from : Sharon Lanmark

Jofranz Clifford
After pulse and god fire with controller support?
Comment from : Jofranz Clifford

Yuno Gasai
The division?? Okay hahaha
Comment from : Yuno Gasai

Afterpulse offline or not
Comment from : DRAGON HUNTER

seif hoz
None of those games are on Android!!!
Comment from : seif hoz

Lyn Aguilar
Thanks man I was looking for Afterpulse a very long time.Shoutout to my man
Comment from : Lyn Aguilar

Nothing beats Real Racing 3
Comment from : PAUL TUBE

Sun Abeer
I watched the video from the beginning to the end and I didn't find one title that I wanted to download.
Comment from : Sun Abeer

Jimin Park
We need a game with amazing gameplay with graphics like afterpulse
Comment from : Jimin Park

Niraj gohel
Afterplus game link is not working!!!
Comment from : Niraj gohel

You are thw best youtuber eveeeeer👌👌👌👌👍👍👍👍
Comment from : BB

MS Talks
Wooden mobile??
Comment from : MS Talks

The gayest clickbait I've ever seen
Comment from : мiсty

cashcarti kendai
Where’s mafia city
Comment from : cashcarti kendai

Herry Tong
What Phone are you using in this video
I want to know the spec

Comment from : Herry Tong

Walter Gohlke
Klasse Auswahl von Spielen.

Danke 🇩🇪👍👍👍🇩🇪

Comment from : Walter Gohlke

Endong Acebedo
You're voice is so cool
Comment from : Endong Acebedo

Endong Acebedo
Gifted voice
Comment from : Endong Acebedo

レøяd๛ Reapa
No pubg?
Comment from : レøяd๛ Reapa

sam kim
after pulse not on play store or in link
Comment from : sam kim

Divyesh Pindariya
#mrwhosetheboss Afterpulse note in google playstore
Comment from : Divyesh Pindariya

Lost Vault
Comment from : Lost Vault

Nice click bait😂

Where can i get that case and whats it called
Comment from : AdamCali

Chevon Crossley
Comment from : Chevon Crossley

tristen 13755
Donald trump by Mac Miller in the background, love it. RIP MAC
Comment from : tristen 13755

Link for this skin?
Comment from : Networqing

Dave Marti
Where's pub
Comment from : Dave Marti

US Marine Corps
Am i the only one who notices the video is 4:20 long?
Comment from : US Marine Corps

Gajendra Marndi
Any other platform ,where i can get afterpulse game
Comment from : Gajendra Marndi


Wait this is before pubg


Alameen Mohd
gta 4 in android relise...
Comment from : Alameen Mohd

This games will blow my early 2015 tablet!
Comment from : JGXJM

Abubakar Khalid
wow iam impresed you showed the best games
Comment from : Abubakar Khalid

Ace Storm
Afterpulse is not available in my playstore
Comment from : Ace Storm

XD-408 `
I wished there was a Halo game on mobile devices...
Comment from : XD-408 `

KakuThe MLBBLover
Play MLBB man😆
Comment from : KakuThe MLBBLover

The Hero of Awesome
ima code of war pro
Comment from : The Hero of Awesome

NBA Joshh
I hate when people clickbait
like this and think its cool. After all, we are the dumbasses for believing this bullshit

Comment from : NBA Joshh

Oscar Karani
Are the games online or offline
Comment from : Oscar Karani

Daman Khaira
Now : Pubg.....Darkness rises.....HIT....also now life is strange is available on android
Comment from : Daman Khaira

The most realistic app is camera.
Comment from : Azam321

Did you guys hear the Donald Trump song beat?
Comment from : Truffles

Wan Ori
infinity blade ios!!! love it back when i had ipad 5 years ago
Comment from : Wan Ori

Just Smile
What phone u are using
Comment from : Just Smile

woah so much sponsers in only one video😃
Comment from : DarKnight

Mathew Pv Ettithoppe
Where's pubg man!!!!!!!! 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿
Comment from : Mathew Pv Ettithoppe

If u want god of war on ur phone just get happychick
Comment from : F4REVERAL0NE

NRG Reaps
Plays ali a intro for the thumbnail
Comment from : NRG Reaps

Person That Plays Xbox
Oh yeah and you say it rivals last gen but remember the ps3/Xbox 360 Are 11 YEARS OLD WHY DO YOU THINK A 11 YEAR OLD CONSOLE WOULD BEAT A IOS GAME.
Comment from : Person That Plays Xbox

Person That Plays Xbox
Love me when a clickbaiter puts Tom Clancy’s division on the thumbnail
Comment from : Person That Plays Xbox

omer porges
On what device these were played? Is that dbarnd cover?
Comment from : omer porges

Sourav Bhowmik
Try darkness rises
Comment from : Sourav Bhowmik

CGI Future
Asphalt 9 best graphic game in play store
Comment from : CGI Future

The Martian Man
That's literally the division in the thumbnail
Comment from : The Martian Man

Vainglory should be on this list
Comment from : lewey03

Leon Sidhushan
Is afterpulse offline ?? please reply please
Comment from : Leon Sidhushan

Sushin Chhetri
Have u ever heard pubg
Comment from : Sushin Chhetri

Fsn 369
Shadow fight how to hack?
Comment from : Fsn 369

Bruh afterplus isnt working on me cuz its compatible on my version of my cellphone :(
Comment from : M163L ALV3Y Y. R0JAS

can't find the first game

Comment from : Jackjude

Spinner Box
мои 3-х минутные обзоры на игры. Подпишись!

Comment from : Spinner Box

I can't install after pulse in android
Comment from : Abileyaa

Willy Wanker
I play carx drift racing. Its the best drifting game for me.
Comment from : Willy Wanker

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